Post Ecstatic Experience

by Lifestream

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Where all thoughts converge A lost soul dwells Seated on hazy Manichaean boundary At a standstill of a bittersweet existence Drowning in self-contemplation Ravaging silence and blank stare Paint me the reasons Let me see when the curtain will lower In quest for Eden Perpetual fall has begun Far above the wasteland of mind Away from life
Thrown into the spiral of the deepest torments Haunting echoes from rooftops of sincerity When the old pains resurface I pray for answers Before the flame fades once and for all This flood of tears is flowing silently towards an ice-cold ocean I meet myself again Languishing in front of a soul mirror Cruel abandonment By irreproachability The heart of indifference must be broken And emptiness can be filled Envy or jealousy Eroded by the obsession of the unreachable What the hell is wrong with me Despising hypocrisy Your way of being and mine Is my abyssal loneliness undeserved I never agreed to be me Now on the hill of the hangman My corrupt spirit is standing Beholding the fields of oblivion Forces of the unknown are leaving me They never really had an influence on all this adversity May I appreciate the bitter taste of freedom Nothing will ever be the same again
In trembling web of ruthless time A leaf is falling Poisoned awareness of the wanderer Consumes his dreams And memories Burning on the pyre of a last crucial crossroads The core of depths is passed away Pending a reincarnation Through a column of light Exile of unfulfilled soul Reaches rebirth Instil Radiant heat in the veins of a child Ecstatic flashing vision A brief change of state by transmigration Peace is regained in palliative euphoria Biting his lips by passion or withdrawal symptom Soulless descent and somnolence Heart beats are slowing down
My release rises over the crowd Reaching finally the blinding doors of prestige Do I hold the keys to exist Extirpated from common sleep The dream is however only beginning Or is it the REM sleep The last station before the eternal return Interdimensional bridge crumbles Taking an harrowing paralysis The burden interferes in the bright mourning of happiness Crawling around the thorny crystal spine Devourer of dying egos Grant me the optimal pathology Plagued by the correlation of genes So unstable Until I become the shadow of my former self once again Prisoners of this paradoxical connection She spreads her tentacular arms I feed her To feed them all, to force-feed them all Satisfy us with your joy Ephemeral as my recognition I agreed to all the sacrifices For an uncertain victory Moral decay Even in melancholy, she will have maintained the hope Hear the giant's distant steps Going away under the sun of the great silence Towards the land of memories
And from the skies she arrived Our supreme goddess As the incarnation of sublime Guide the elect to salvation Promised since the mists of time Destined to reign on this planet By her superior power And her limitless knowledge The enslavement of paltry puppets They try to prevent Mother's fulfillment The saving scourge, by the art of deceit Will drown us all in the illusion of eternal bliss That inner voice plays with my involuntary usurpation Manipulating by her cells in me She traces the path until the end of the journey To deify the fallen angel and call meteoric end Crossing the darkness of space This planet is your vessel And one day we shall discover a new world On which we shall build a brilliant future
Victim of a budding love I enter the temple of light Effusive sacrosanct triumph At dawn of new sensations Slave of exhilaration Eros addict Perfect adequacy The upper mountain of rapture falls down A wind of spoken words Shapes a cataleptic block Blows away the ashes of a golden age And forges the iron chains of sideration Under a partial eclipse Denial fills the refuge of flesh Emotional lift has broken down I had been waiting so long in fire I had been waiting so long for fire Random disruption of behaviour Anger and prayer to reinvolve In this mysterious journey With no return I enter the slaughterhouse of the rising sun And glimpse reality I can't forgive myself Will one forgive me Harbinger of mourning Or death drive process Crucified on the way to redemption Twilight of feelings Carved in a heart of stone Remember to forget me Revelation evolves in hemostasis Bittersweet recalling disperses the fog Emerging from a deadlock A new will to live calls for liberation Closure's threshold Sentenced to cyclic infliction I won consciousness of existence in loss Impurity is what we aspire to Fragments of the pitch-dark night remain
For I am your reflection The cradle sailed to the shores of the ultimate truth Predestination makes me fall from grace Thousands of stars will stop shining behind the curtains of clouds Revealing a visceral seduction To a mesmerizing marble wall I bear the marks of the lightning strike The providential intervention ends Conspiracy of disharmony You made me drink the elixir of impossible love By their fault the sun dies out Behind the crimson horizon Blessed be the fundamental transgression I burnt down the essence of my being Ascending to the highest constellation As erection of an ardent fusional desire I feel the orgasmic imminence Glimpsing the throne of Araboth Beyond purest mystic pleasure The hypostatic union falls in utopia As the one who was to be mine She threw me down below Heaven is closed to me I shall erase their spiritual way I killed the comforter of degraded souls My speechless pains Damnation crowns the evil despite him



released December 15, 2015


all rights reserved



Lifestream Bordeaux, France

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